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THE COURIER Movie Trailer 2021 - listening

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Jim Carrey Speech at the Golden Globe Awards 2016 - listening

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How to Be Happy the Truth - listening

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Japans Town With No Waste - listening

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Grin - vocab

Example: I can see a big grin on her face ..Read More

Dead in the Water - idiom

Example: After accident her condition is dead the water ..Read More

A Piece of Cake - idiom

Example: Maths is really a piece of cake for him ..Read More

At Cross Purposes - idiom

Example: Sometimes doctors and nurses work at cross purposes ..Read More

Against All Odds - idiom

Example: She managed to take the admission in the university against all the odds ..Read More

A Pain in the Neck - idiom

Example: My dog is a pain in the neck. He always wants me to play and sit on my lap ..Read More